Compare Campervan & Motorhome Insurance

Many insurance underwriters offer high-quality campervan cover schemes that can help motorists prepare for the risks that are associated with owning a motorhome, a camper, a motorised caravan and other related vehicles.

Here is a brief introduction to these cover schemes that can help you choose a cover scheme for your favourite motorised caravan intelligently.

Underwriters Offer Many Choices:
Underwriters offer several motorised caravan cover schemes that offer motorists many choices. Some of the most popular cover schemes include:

Agreed Value Cover Schemes:
These cover schemes are designed to cover your motorised caravan's true value against accidental damage by agreeing to insure the vehicle for its actual value. These cover schemes are popular amongst many campervan enthusiasts because they offer a fair way to cover a motorised caravan's actual value that is easy to understand.

Left Hand Cover Schemes:
These cover schemes are designed to cover motorised caravans that have a left-hand drive mechanism. They are especially valuable if you own an American or Canadian-made camper or motorhome that is driven in the UK because they feature low premiums that can help you manage the unique risks which are associated with driving these vehicles successfully.

Specialised Cover Schemes:
These cover schemes are designed to cover the following types of motorised caravans:

  • High-end American and European-made motorhomes.
  • Larger motorised caravans.
  • Modified and converted motorised caravans.

These cover schemes are a wonderful value because they offer motorists customisable premiums and cover options that make the process of covering these vehicles simple.

Short-term Cover Schemes:
These cover schemes can help you insure your favourite motorised caravan for up to 31 days. Many of these schemes are used to insure a motorised caravan that is used during a holiday or short break.

Many Underwriters Offer Optional Features That Can Be Appended to These Policies:
Many underwriters offer optional features that can add value to a motorised caravan cover scheme. Some of the most popular optional features include:

Contents Cover:
This option can help you cover your motorhome or camper's contents against damage or theft. Most underwriters charge a small additional fee for this coverage that can be customised to meet your needs.

Breakdown Cover:
This option covers the costs that occur when your motorised caravan breaks down. Most underwriters offer this option to motorists who travel inside the UK and the European Union. As a result, it is easy to obtain breakdown cover for your favourite motorised caravan that can be used in many of Europe's most popular travel destinations.

Fire and Theft Cover:
Some underwriters also offer optional cover schemes that can protect your favourite motorised caravan against fire damage and theft. Many of these cover schemes can be used to cover a motorised caravan's awnings, gas tanks and generators.

Finally, Underwriters Offer Discounts That Can Help You Save Money:
Many Insurance underwriters offer discounts that can help you save money on motorised camper cover schemes. Some of these discounts include:

  • Limited mileage discounts.
  • Caravan club discounts.

For more information about these cover schemes, please visit our campervan insurance cover comparison site for more details about cover schemes that can make covering your favourite motorised caravan simple.